Local Use of School Facilities
NOTE: This page is provided as a guideline only and should not be considered official board policy. Fee schedule and policies are subject to change. If you are considering using Howe Public Schools facilities, please read and complete the request form linked below then contact the school administration for official information.
The Howe Board of Education encouraces local citizens to use school facilities for reasonable general public use including religious, political, literary, community, cultural, scientific, mechanical, agricultural, or parental involvement purposes. Any person or organization requesting use of school facilities must furnish evidence of sufficient insurance coverage.

Application must be submitted to the administration office at least one week in advance.

If a rental charge is required, it shall be paid at the administration office upon request approval. All checks shall be made payable to: Howe Public Schools.

School property is not available on occasions or during hours that have been scheduled in advance by the various school principals for school exercises or function in connection with regular schoolwork.

Persons or organizations using school property that include a stage and stage equipment shall not be permitted to remove or displace furniture or apparatus.

Access to rooms or facilities, including playing fields, other than approved by application, shall not be permitted.

No intoxicants or narcotics shall be used in or about school buildings, premises, and transportation equipment, including playing fields; nor shall profane language, quarreling, fighting, or gambling be permitted.

Smoking in school building is prohibited. Violations of this rule by any organization during occupancy shall be sufficient cause for denying futher use of school premises to the organization.

The programs offered in or during the use of any school premises shall at no time contain any matter that might tend to cause a breach of the peace; constitute subversive doctrine or seditious utterances; or agitate for changes in our form of government or social order by violence or unlawful methods.

Juvenile organizations must have adult sponsorship and supervision.

The person or group receiving the permit shall be responsible in case of loss or damage.

No preparation shall be used on the floors at any time by groups using a building for dancing.

A school employee must be on the school grounds at all times when facilities are being used by outside groups. When custodians are normally not on duty, any group using school facilities must pay for the custodian's time, in addition to any rental fee as prescribed. The custodian is paid at time and one-half rate.

All functions must close by 12:00 pm (midnight) unless special arrangements have been made with the school principal.

Any person applying for the use of school property on behalf of any society, group, or organization shall be a member of such applicant group and must present written authorization from such applicant group to make such application.

The school district reserves the right to reschedule any or all school property for another purpose or group should a priority need arise.


School buildings, property, or equipment may be used only by student groups for student group meetings or activities which are related to the curriculum during normal school hours. Such use shall be arranged according to the official school schedule.

The use of school buildings, property, or equipment by students during normal school hours shall be free of charge. However, consent of the superintendent must be obtained. The building custodian and a member of the faculty must be present at the school.


School buildings, property, or equipment may be made available to student or non-student groups for non-curriculum use of a general public interest during non-school hours. A schedule of fees, rates, and charges is outlined below.


Gyms - $10.00 per hour for practice (minimum rental of 3 hours).

Cafeterias - $10.00 per hour (minimum rental of 3 hours).

If the kitchen is used, at least one cafeteria employee regularly assigned to that kitchen must be used for an additional rate of $5.00 per hour.
Classrooms - $10.00 per hour (minimum rental of 3 hours).

Other buildings, property, or equipment may be available for use at the discretion of the board of education.