All web pages must follow district guidelines and be approved by the building principal and/or technology director prior to publication.

All web pages must:

  1. Contain name, address, and district e-mail address of the author. Student web pages shall use the sponsoring staff member;
  2. Be grammatically correct with no spelling errors. Spell checking and proofreading are required;
  3. Contain current and accurate information;
  4. Include a copyright statement, if appropriate;
  5. Use district templates;
  6. Contain a created or modified date and the name or initials of the person responsible;
  7. Identify district affiliation and contain a link to return to the district's home page.
Links to other than district sites are subject to approval by the technology director. All links should be checked regularly and revised as necessary.

Use of web pages for financial grain is prohibited.


Web page authors shall:

  1. Comply with board policies, administrative regulations, these guidelines, and copyright laws;
  2. Respect the rights of others;
  3. Maintain the privacy of others;
  4. Use web sites for academic, educational, and research purposes only;
  5. Use conventions of standard English or other languages.
Web page authors shall not:
  1. Display abusive, harassing, libelous, obscene, offensive, profane, pornographic, threatening, sexually explicit, or illegal material;
  2. Use web site for commercial, purchasing, or illegal purposes.

The following disclaimer will be published on all web pages:

The accuracy and quality of information cannot be guaranteed. The district will not be responsible for any information that may be lost, damaged, or unavailable due to technical or other difficulties.


The district has made every reasonable attempt to ensure that the district's web pages are educationally sound and do not contain links to any questionable material or anything that can be deemed in violation of the district's electronic communications policy.

Student Safeguards
  1. Web page documents may include only the first name and the initial of the student's last name.
  2. Documents may not include a student's phone number, address, names of other family members or names of friends.
  3. Published e-mail addresses are restricted to staff members or to a general group e-mail address where mail is forwarded to a staff member.
  4. Decisions on publishing student pictures will be made by the supervising teacher, after checking with the school office to determine if the student's parents have objected to such publication.

Maintenance of web pages, including the timely update of information and periodic checks of links, is the responsibility of the author. Web pages not up to date may be removed by the technology director.

The district reserves the right to remove web pages and, if necessary, access to user accounts, without prior notice, if the content is unacceptable.


There shall be no expectation of privacy for information stored on or transmitted with district equipment. The district technology director may review web pages to maintain system integrity and to monitor appropriate use of district equipment. Illegal activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


              Adoption Date: May 21, 2002

 Computer Use Policies