The Howe Board of Education believes that the availability of computers and computer technology will enhance the learning opportunities of our students and the teaching capabilities of our teachers. The board also believes that students and faculty members should be provided freedom in a safe and responsible manner to explore the world of technology and to benefit from the educational opportunities it provides. It is the policy of this board that equal access to educational opportunities be provided to all students and faculty. However, the privilege of using the district's computers may be revoked if any user is found to be in violation of the district's policies and regulations concerning proper computer use. The board recognizes that new technology also provides opportunities for some to violate the rights and privileges of others and such activity is strictly prohibited.

Technology shall include but not be limited to information technology, telecommunications technology and implemental technology. Information technology shall include but not be limited to computers, computer hardware, scanners, multimedia material, facsimilie, e-mail, computer software, CD ROM material or other magnetic media, computer simulations, video, the World Wide Web (WWW) or Internet, Listservs, multiuser domains and other technology used in distance learning or distance education. Telecommunications technology shall include but not be limited to local area networks and wide area networks. Implemental technology shall include but not be limited to implements, equipment, instruments, or devices that promote the technology education process and are employed in the science or study of the practical, industrial, or mechanical arts or applied sciences.

The board has directed the superintendent to develop rules, regulations, and procedures governing the use of computers and computer technology in the district.

Such rules and regulations are incorporated into this policy and are a part of this policy. References to this policy shall include any rules and regulations attached to it or incorporated within it.



70 O.S. 1-107.1


              Adoption Date: April 25, 2005

 Computer Use Policies