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− For our Choctaw students with CDIB cards −

The Choctaw Student School and Activity Fund Program provides a $100.00 donation to students in Pre-K through High School. This once a fiscal year donation can be used for school clothes, school supplies or sports/activities.

Students must have their own tribal cards in order to apply for the donation. Fiscal Year 2008 began on October 1, 2007 and the program deadline is on or before August 1, 2008.

For more information and applications for this donation go to the Choctaw Nation Home Page or call Mrs. Parks, HPS Federal Program Director at 918.658.2372.

  • Title I Reading and Math Program
    Title I is a federally funded, supplemental program intended for the elementary level. The goal of the Title I Programs is to assist students who are able to make gains in skill development, and to promote a positive self concept with a positive attitude toward learning.

    The objective of the Title I reading program is to enhance the students' reading skills at their instructional level by combining all language abilities to include speaking, writing and thinking. Basic skill development (phonological awareness, phonics, sight words, word meaning, etc.) is strongly emphasized. Promoting comprehension is a major priority for all teachers. Skills such as identifying main ideas and facts and details, sequencing, predicting, inferring, comparing and evaluating information that has been read are reinforced.

    The Title I Math program provides high-quality, research based curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment. This enables the participating children to meet the State's student academic standards. These standards are achieved through: 1) using curriculum which has been aligned with all district and state PASS objectives, 2) using research based methods and materials, 3) working with students both in small group settings and partnering with teachers in inclusion settings and 4) supporting teachers through district teacher training.

    The Title I ELL program provides a high quality education program for English Language Learners. Our curriculum goals are enhancing language acquisition and reading development. This will be accomplished by establishing a supportive and effective learning environment, along with alignment of our district and state objectives.

  • Title III/ELL
    The mission of the English Language Learner Program is to provide services to facilitate English literacy, communication, and academic proficiency to enhance life and social skills while developing an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of other cultures.

    The goals for this program are:

    • To use English to communicate in social settings
    • To use English to achieve academically in all content areas
    • To use English in socially and culturally appropriate
  • Native American Education: Title VII/JOM
    The Johnson O'Malley Program is funded through the Bureau of indian Affairs
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