Board Members

    Kenny Barnhart   (President)

    Elvis Hall   (Vice-President)

    Laura Young   (Clerk)

                                  Larry Stacy   (Asst Clerk)

    Coy Hill   (Member)

Board Publications





Any individual wishing to have an item placed on the board agenda shall communicate such wish to the superintendent by letter. The letter must state the nature of the matter to be discussed, the full name of the person making the request, and what is expected from the board.

The letter must be received by the superintendent at least fourteen (14) days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. The superintendent will discuss the request with the board president and they will determine if the item is to be placed on the agenda.

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are the last Monday of each month, or upon a day as may be fixed by the Board, in the Howe Schools Administration Building at 7:00 p.m.

A majority of the Board membership shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business. Special meetings may be held from time-to-time as circumstances may demand. All meetings will be held in compliance with the open meeting law of the State of Oklahoma. (10-5-118)

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