The Howe School district encourages the publication of web pages to foster creativity and communication and to provide students a place to demonstrate what they have learned. All web pages must comply with district web page guidelines.

Failure to comply with this policy and applicable administrative regulations will result in discipline, including suspension of district Internet privileges and/or referral to law enforcement, if appropriate.

District Web Site

The district's web site provides a resource for obtaining information about the district and for informing patrons about classroom activities and board policies. Information concerning the time, date, place, and agenda for the district's board meetings will also be posted on the district's web site. Requests for publication of information on the district web site should be directed to the district technology director. District administrators (transportation supervisor, food service director, business manager, etc.) may publish web pages as part of the district's web site. Personal information, not related to education, will not be permitted.

Staff Web Pages

Staff may create web pages to use in class activities or to provide a resource for other staff members. Staff web pages must reflect the educational goals and objectives of the district.

Staff members linking outside sites to the district server are responsible for checking all material and links prior to submission.

Individual Student Web Pages

Students may, with staff sponsorship, create web pages for publication on the district's web site that are primarily academic, educational, and research oriented.

Student work may be published, with parent permission, only if related to a class project or other school activity. Such work shall not reveal personally identifiable information or prohibited directory information.

Student-created web pages reflect the individual and do not represent the district. Concerns about the content of any page created by a student should be directed to the building principal.

Student web pages may be removed at the end of the school year unless special arrangements are made.

Clubs and Organizations

Web pages published by clubs and organizations may provide information about extracurricular and other school-authorized activities, as well as general information relating to the district.


The district may allow other organizations, e.g., parent-teacher groups, booster clubs, etc., to publish web pages.



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Policy EFBCA, Internet And Other Computer Networks Acceptable Use Policy
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              Adoption Date: May 21, 2002

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