Howe High School


Each year, teachers present an award to the outstanding student/students in their classes. This award is based on a combination of grades, attitude, and other factors that contribute to student academic success.

Class awards for the 2006/2007 school year were presented to:

Physical Science - Randa G.
Biology - Chris O.
Botany/Zoology - Travis M.
Chemistry - Thomas H.
    English I - Randa G. and Kasey L.
English II - Ashley S., Gidget H., and Taylor C.
English III - Raymond Z. and Amber A.
English IV - Shyanna G.
AP English - China C.
Accounting - Tyler B.
Business Tech - Ashley S.
Digital Media - Katrina A.
    Democracy - Starla H.
American History - Trevor M.
Oklahoma History - Randa G.
AP History - Allen C.
Math - Samantha C.

Parenting - Chelsea K.
Housing - Katrina A.
Consumer Ed - Shyanna G.
FACS I - Brittant R.
Food/Nutrition - Leo C.

    Spanish I - Ashley A., Derrick W., and Chelsea K.
Spanish II - Kayla H., Travis M., and Katrina A.

German I - Randa G.
German II - Andrea F.

Stage Crafts - Amber R., James W., Chelsea K.,
and Thomas H.


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