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A     School District
AE     Philosophy of Howe Public Schools
AF     Educational Goals
B     School Board Operations
BAA     Board of Education Powers and Duties
BAAB     Nepotism
BBA     Board Membership Qualifications
BBB     School Board Members Term of Office
BBC     Board Vacancies
BBF     Code of Ethics for Board Members
BBH     Development Opportunities, Board Members
BBH-R1     New Board Member Workshop
BBH-R2     School Board Member Continuing Education
BD     School Board Internal Organization
BD-R1     Board of Education - Clerk, Regulation
BD-R2     Board of Education - Minutes Clerk, Regulation
BD-R3     Board of Education - Encumbrance Clerk, Regulation
BD-R4     Board of Education - Minutes/Encumbrance Clerk, Regulation
BDAE     Board of Education Officers - Treasurer
BDAE-R     Board of Education Officer Duties - Treasurer, Regulation
BDAH     Board Officers Duties Minutes Clerk
BDAI     Board Officers Duties Encumbrance Clerk
BDAJ     Board Officers Duties Minutes/Encumbrance Clerk
BDE     Consultants
BDFB     Health and Fitness School Advisory Committee
BDFC     Safe School Committee
BDFD     Health and Fitness School/Safe School Advisory Committee
BE     Board of Education Meetings and notification Procedures
BE-R     Board of Education Meeting Videoconference Regulations
BEA     School Board Meetings Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEAA-P     Board of Education Notification of Meetings (Procedure)
BEC     Executive Sessions
BED     Board of Education Meeting, Public Participation
BED-R     Board of Education Meetings, Public Participation, Regulation
BED-E     Request To Address Board of Education
BF     Administration In Absence of Policy
BFA     Board Policies
BJ     Board of Education Executive Officer - Superintendent
BJCD     Evaluation of the Superintendent
BJCD-R     Superintendent Evaluation form
BK     Executive Authority
BKB     Line In Staff Relatons
BPCAB     Handbooks, Administrative
BT     Adminstrative Reports
BTA     State Certification
C     Business and Support Services
CA-R     Expenditure of District Funds, Regulation
CDA     Management and Investment of Funds
CDA-R     Bids and Quotations for Secured Investment Programs
CDA-R     Investment Procedures
CDAC     Fiscal Management priority, General Fund Balance
CDC     Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools
CDC-R1     Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools (Regulations)
DED-R2     Public Gifts to the Schools: Donations of material/Equipment
CE     Annual Budget
CEA     Preliminary Estimate of Need
CEB     Annual Statistical/Financial Reports
CFA     School Finance
CFA-E     Affidavit for Lost or Destroyed Warrents
CFB     Activity Funds
CFB-R1     Activity Funds, Regulation
CFB-E2     Activity Fund Sub-Accounts
CFBB     Sanctioning of Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs
CFEA     Salary Deductions
CHA     Purchasing and Distribution
CHA-R     Purchasing and Distribution, Regulation
CHA-E     Affidavit
CHAE     Termination of Lease-Purchase Agreements
CHAF     Lease-Purchase Agreements Rental of Real or Personal Property
CHAG     Interlocal Purchasing Cooperatives
CHC     Bids and Quotations
CHC-R     Bids and Quotations, Regulations
CI     Disposal of Surplus School Property
CK     Safety Program
CKAC     Emergency Plans
CKAC-R1     Emergency Plans (Regulation)
CKAE     Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches
CKAE-R     Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches, Regulation
CKC     Disaster Drills
CKC-R1     Fire Drills, Rules and Procedures
CKC-R2     Tornado Drills, Rules and Procedures
CKCB     Bomb Threats
CKCB-P     Bomb Threat Procedures
CKCB-E     Bomb Threat Procedures, Exhibit
CKCD     Disaster Plans
CKDA     Tobacco Use Prohibited
CKE     Hazardous Materials
CKE-R     Hazardous Materials, Regulation
CKEA     Hazard Communication
CKEA-R     Hazard Communication Standard, Regulations
CKHA     Assaults Upon School Employees
CKHA-R     Assualts Upon School Employees, Regulation
CL     Buildings, Equipment, and Grounds
CLB     Equipment Accountability
CLB-R     Inventories, Regulation
CLBA     Building and Grounds Maintenance
CLE     Special Programs Administration: Energy Management/Education
CLE-P     Energy Conservation Guidelines
CN     School Transportation
CN-R1     School Transportation, Regulations
CN-E     Report of Individual Illegally Passing
CNAB     Transportation Management
CNAC     School Bus Routes
CNBA     School Bus Safety Inspections
CNG     School Vehicle Policy
CO     Child Nutrition Program
CO-R1     Child Nutrition Program, Regulation
CO-R2     Food Allergy Guidlines
CO-R3     Food Allergy Guidlines, Regulations
COB     Food Procurement
COB-R     Food Procurement, Regulation
COF     Vending Machines
COFA     Competitive Food Sales
COFA-R     Competitive Food Sales, Regulation
CPAB     Mail and Delivery Service
CVCD     Disability Accommodations
CVFA     Fair Labor Standards Act
CVFA-R     Fair Labor Standards Act, Regulation
CVFA-P     Fair Labor Standards Act, Procedures
CVFA-E1     Timekeeping Non-Exempt Employees
CVFA-E2     Overtime Authorization Form
CVFB     Compliance Procedures, Fair Labor Standards Act
CWA     Sponsorship Program
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