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F     Students
FA     Sexual Harassment of Students
FD     Student Residency
FD-P     Student Residency Dispute Procedures
FD-E     Student Residency Affidavits
FD-E2     Residency Affidavit
FD-E3     School Admission Form for Students Not Residing with Parents
FDAE     Enrollment of Students With Foreign Citizenship
FDC     Student Attendance
FDC-R     Student Attendance, Regulation
FDC-R1     Attendance Policy, Regulation
FDC-R2     Attendance Regulation (Kidergarten - 6th Grade)
FE     Open Transfer Policy, Transfers and assignments
FEF     Student Transfer, Child of School District Employee
FEXX     Withdrawal From School
FFA     Health, Students
FFA-E1     Instructions For parents On Head Lice Treatment
FFAAB     Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
FFAAB-R     Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Regulation
FFAAB-E     HIV/AIDS Medical Information Release Consent Form
FFAC     First Aid, Students
FFACA     Administering Medication To Students
FFACA-E1     Medication, Administering To Students, Authorization
FFACA-E2     Parental Authorization To Administer Nonprescription Medication
FFACB     Self-Administration Of Inhaled Asthma Medication
FFAF     Physical Examinations Of Students
FFB     Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
FFBA     Alcohol and Drugs
FFC     Nursing Services,
FFC-R     Nursing Services, Regulations
FFFF     School Bus Program
FFFF-R1     School Bus Program, Regulations
FFFF-R2     Activity Bus Use, Guidelines
FFFF-E     School Bus Incident Report Form
FFFFG     School Bus Safety Program
FFG     Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect
FFG-E     Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
FL     Student Records
FL-R     Compliance With Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Regulation
FL-E9     Form I: Permission of Parent or Legal Buardian for Third Party Access
To Student's Education Record
FLA     Cumulative Records
FLD     Student Directory Information
FLD-E     Student Directory Information Release Form
FLE     Transfer and Release of Confidential Information
FLE-E1     Permission For The Transfer and/or Release of Confidential Student Information
FLF     Information Coordinator
FM     Students Activities, Scholastic Eligibility
FM-R     Student Activities, Eligibility, Regulation
FMA     Extracurricular Activities
FMA-R1     Extracurricular Activities, Regulation
FMA-R2     Extracurricular Activities, Participation Requirements, Regulation
FMA-R3     Extracurricular Activities, Internal Activity Review Committee
FMA-E1     Activity Participation Approval
FMFD     Interscholastic Athletics
FN     Student Rights and Responsibilities
FNB     Decision-Making, Student Involvement
FNCC     Hazing
FNCD     Harassment
FFCD-E     Bullying
FFCD-R     Bullying Incident Report Form
FNCF     Drug-Free Schools
FNCFD     Student Drug Testing Program, Extracurricular Activities
FNCGA     Weapons-Free Schools
FNF     Search Of Students
FNF-R     Search Of Students, Regulation
FNF-E     Student Searches, Checklist
FNFA     Responsibility For School Property, Lockers
FNG     Wireless Telecommunication Devices
FNG-R     Wireless Telecommunications Devices, Rules
FO     Student Discipline
FO-R1     Control and Discipline Policy
FO-R4     Student Discipline Threatening Behavior (Regulation)
FOD     Suspension of Students
FOD-R     Suspension of Students, Regulation
FOD-P     Suspension Contract
FOD-E1     Notice of Suspension (For Under 10 School Days)
FOD-E2     Notice Proposed Suspension For More Than Ten School Days
FOD-E3     Elementary School Suspension notice
FOD-E4     Middle School/High School Suspension Notice
FOD-E5     Notice Of Hearing On A Suspension
FOD-E6     Out-Of-School Suspension Education Plan
FOD-E7     Notice Ff Preliminary Informal Conference On A Proposed Suspension
FOD-E8     Notice Of Emergency Suspension Of Student
FOD-E9     Checklist/Timeline For Student Discipline And Student Suspension Policies
FODD     Student Discipline, Out-Of-School Actions
FP     Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
FP-R     Student Fees, Fines, and Charges, Regulation
FPA     Participation Fees For School Activities
FPA-R     Participation Fees For School Activities (Regulations)
FPA-E     Participation Fees For School Activities Request For Waiver
G     Community Relations
GAB     Equal Access (Student Organizations)
GB     Public Information Program
GBA     Open Records Act
GBA-R     Open Records Act, Regulations
GBC     News Media Relations
GF     Public Complaints
GI     Advertising On School Property
GJ     School Visitors
GJ-P     School Visitors (Grievance/Appeals Process)
GJBA     Student Recruitment Access To Students and Directory Information
GJBA-E     Notification To Parents Release Of Certain Information
"No Child left Behind Act"
GK     Use Of School Property
GK-R1     Use Of School Property, Regulation
GK-E1     Request For Use Of School Property

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