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D     Personnel
DA     Sexual Harassment
DA-E     Sexual Harassment Report Form
DAAB     Grievance Procedures, Gender Discrimination
DAAB-R     Nondiscrimination, Regulations
DABB     Records Investigation
DBA     Teacher Assistants
DBAA     Title I Paraprofessionals
DBCA     Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers
DBF     Teacher Consultants/Mentor Teachers
DBF-R     Teacher Consultants/Mentor Teachers, Regulation
DC     Employment Practices
DCC     Drug-Free Workplace
DCC-R     Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing, Regulations
DCC-E1     Drug-Free Workplace Notice To Employees
DCCA     Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing
DCCA-R     Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing (Regulation)
DCCB     Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, Bus Drivers
DCCB-R     Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, Bus Drivers, Regulation
DDCA     Acceptance of Letters of Resignation
DEC     Personnel Leave Program
DEC-R1     Sick Leave, Certified Personnel, Regulations
DEC-R2     Sick Leave, Support Personnel, Regulations
DEC-R3     Personal Business Leave, Regulations
DEC-R4     Emergency Leave, Regulations
DEC-R5     Jury Duty Service and Witness Leave, Regulations
DECA     Family Medical Leave
DECBA     Leave: Emergency Certified Personnel
DECBD     Leave: Jury Duty Certified Personnel
DECBH     Family Leave
DED     Sick Leave Support Personnel
DED-R1     Leave of Absence, Regulations
DED-R3     Maternity Leave, Regulations
DEE     Expense Reimbursement
DEE-R     Travel and Expenses
DEEC     Student Activities Expense Reimbursement
DEFA     Leave Sharing Plan
DEFA-R1     Leave Sharing Program, Regulation
DGC     Teaching Techniques
DI-R1     Personnel health, Aids, Regulation
DIAF     Hygiene and Sanitation (Bloodborne Pathogens)
DIAF-R     Hygiene and Sanitation (Bloodborne Pathogens), Regulation
DIAF-P     Routine Procedures For Sanitation and Hygene When Handling Body Fluids
DIAF-E1     Communicable Diseaase Risk Exposure Report
DIAF-E2     Hepatitis B Vaccine Consent/Refusal Form
DJ     Dress and Personal Grooming, Teachers
DJA     Dress and Personal Grooming, Support Employees
DLD     Planning Periods
DLE     Overtime and Compensation Time
DMB     Professional Growth and Development
DMB-R1     Professional Growth and Development, Regulation
DNA     Teacher Evaluation
DNA-R1     Evaluation Summary, Certified Teaching Personnel
DNA-R4     Plan For Improvement Form
DNAA     Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
DNAA-R     Administrator Evaluation
DNB     Personnel Files, Certified Staff
DNB-E     Permission For The Transfer and/or Release of Confidential Employee Information
DNC     Personnel Files, Support Employees
DO     Termination of Employment, Teachers
DO-R     Teacher Termination Procedures
DOAC     Support Personnel Suspension, Demotion or Termination
DOAC-E1     Notice To Support Employees
DOAC-E2     Hearing Request Form
DOAC-E3     Record of Corrective Counseling
DPA     Qualifications, Teachers
DPAB     School Bus Drivers
DPAB-R     School Bus Drivers, Regulation
E     Instruction
EEI     School Volunteers
EEI-R     Parent Volunteer Program, Regulations
EFA     School Library Media Center
EFA-R1     School Library Media Center, Selection of Materials, Regulation
EFA-R2     Use of School Library Media Center, Regulation
EFA-E1     Request for Reconsideration of Library Material
EFA-E2     Report of Reconsideration
EFBC     Computer Use
EFBC-R     Computer Use, Regulation
EFBCA     Internet and Other Computer networks Acceptable Use Policy
EFBCA-R1     Code of Conduct for Internet and Other Computer Network
EFBCA-R2     Internet Filtering
EFBCA-E     Internet Access Conduct Agreement
EFBCC     Web Pages
EFBCC-R     Web Site Guidelines
EFEA     Using Copyrighted Material
EFEA-R     Using Copyrighted Material, Regulation
EFEA-E1     Copyrighted Materials Checklist
EFEA-E2     Permission Release For Copyrighted Materials
EHA     Basic instructional Program
EHA-R     Basic instructional Program, Regulations
EHACA     Diplomas For Veterans
EHAG     Vocational Programs
EHAG-R     Vocational Programs, Regulation
EHAJ     Health Education
EHAK     Physical Education
EHBA     Equal Education Opportunities
EHBB     Gifted Child Educational Program
EHBB-R1     Difted Child Educational Programs, Regulation
EHBB-R2     Peak (Providing Enrighment For Accelerated Kids)
EHBB-E1     Peak Program, Parent Verification
EHBB-E2     Responsiblilities For Gifted Placement
EHBB-E3     Application For Gifted Program
EHBB-E4     Teacher Inventory for Gifted Program
EHBB-E5     Report of Identification Team Placement for Gifted Program
EHBB-E6     Review of Gifted Placement
EHBB-E7     Parent Notification of Selection
EHBB-E8     Parent Notification of Nonplacement
EHBB-E9     Placement Letter, Parental Permission Form
EHBB-E10     Gifted and Enrichment Program Nomination Forms
EHBB-E13     Request For Change In Placement Forms
EHBCA     Extended School Year Services
EHBCA-R     Extended School Year Program, Eligibility Standards, Regulations
EHBCA-E1     Screening Form
EHBCA-E2     Record Of Multidisciplinary Team Action
EHBCA-E3     Eligibility Checklist For Children and Youth With Disabilities
EHBDB     Title 1 Parent Involvement
EHBDB-R     Title 1 Parent Involvement (Regulation)
EHBE     Limited English Proficiency Instruction
EHBE-E     Limited English Proficiency Programs parent Notification Forms
EHBH     Alternative Education
EHDF     Internet-Based Instruction
EIA     Promotion and Retention
EIA-R1     Grading
EIA-R4     Student Retention, Regulation
EIAB     Report Cards
EIAB-R     Report Cards, Regulation
EIAB-E1     Student Progress Report
EIAE-P     Proficiency Based Promotion Testing Procedures
EIB     Homework
EIB-R     Homework, Regulation
EIC     Honors Program, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Honor Students
EIC-R1     Honors Program, Regulation
EIC-R2     Valedictorian and Salutatorian, Regulation
EIC-R3     School Honors and Offices, Regulation
EIE     Student Retention
EIE-R     Student Retention (Regulation)
EIED     Graduation Requirements
EJ     School Counselor
EJB     Suicide Prevention
EK     Testing Program
EK-R1     Testing Program, Regulation
EKBA     Reading Sufficiency Testing
EKBB     Criterion-Referenced Testing, Reading Proficiency
EMC     Graduation Policy
EMDA     Veterans Day
EMDB     Flags
EMDC     Constitution
EMI     Moment of Silence
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